My Kit Arrived!

So exciting! My kit came and we (my daughter and I) could NOT wait to play. We opened it up, sorted it out AND started to play! I was so excited! Of course my daughter swooped in and it became her show! LOL The first project we used the 9 x 12 chalkboard ( , the Enjoy the Little Things transfer (sold out at the moment but check back to see if it is back in stock-, the snowflakes transfer, white chalk paste, and aquamarine

First, we set up our work area. We plugged in blow dryer, filled a plastic container big enough to fit our transfer with warm water, and got our anti-bacterial wipes ready.

No need to wax our board since we were using the Chalk Couture chalk board. We labeled the back of our transfer so we could properly replace protective backing when we were done. Next, we used the blow dryer to slightly heat the transfer so it would be easier to remove.

We peeled off the transfer (first using the snowflakes in white) and placed it where we wanted it.

Gi snowflakeTo apply the paste we used the small squeegee

It only took a small amount of paste. We scraped the paste across the transfer so it was completely covered. We scraped the excess up and put it back in the paste container.

We slowly pulled the transfer off and placed it in the next location.Once that was complete we wiped the squeegee and placed the transfer in our warm water container to clean it.

To clean the transfer we wiped the excess paste off the transfer with our fingers and placed it on a paper towel. Next, we wiped both sides with our anti-bacterial wipe and set aside to dry. Once dry we replaced the backing and moved on to repeat the above steps with the next transfer.

Oh my GOODNESS…what a fun family project! We were immediately hooked! Here is our finished project:


Gi Enjoy the little thingsEnjoy the little things with paste

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