Chalk Couture Ind. Designer Lennea Aurilia

Welcome to my blog! I am a mother of 2, wife, and craft-o-holic living in the Pocono Mountains. I LOVE to craft although sometime I find it more stressful then enjoyable. I can’t even say how many pieces of vinyl I have had to trash making mistakes. I have visited countless websites, blogs, and YouTube channels looking for new projects, different types of crafts, and instruction. THEN one day I came across Chalk Couture.

Chalk Couture is a craft/ home decor company with a little bit different take and model from other direct sales companies. One of the things that I LOVE is that I can also create my own projects with Chalk Couture and sell those also. Vendor fairs, craft shows, fundraisers, Girls Night, Create & Take events, Facebook Parties are just some of the avenues of income potential with this business.

I have spent years waiting for the right ground floor direct sales opportunity. That is exactly what this is. Chalk Couture officially launched in July so lots of opportunity and little competition right now.

Let’s learn a little more about Chalk Couture:


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One of my favorite things about Chalk Couture is the fact that I can reuse these beautiful chalk boards OR make them permanent. My house does not have a lot of storage. I LOVE decorating for holidays and different events but do not have the space to store a bunch of decorations. Now I have a beautiful chalk board with holiday stencils that I can change as often as I would like. Make a mistake? Not a problem. Wipe with a wet cloth and begin again. The transfers (similar to the silk screening process) make it extremely easy to create crisp clean images with or without being an artist!

So after I researched Chalk Couture for several months. I decided to take the plunge. Heck,  Christmas is coming. What better time to sell gifts? I went online to order my kit.

$99 for all these amazing products??? What?!?!

So what did I need to know about being an active designer starting my own home business? Ok, to stay active you need to have $150 in sales per quarter but it can not be spread over the 3 months. The sales need to occur in one month. Not a problem! One Create & Take a month will probably cover my expense.

Do I have a required monthly expense? Yes, yes I do. I am automatically charged $25 a month. That fee covers my personal website, a point of sale app for my phone, AND a brand new transfer is sent to me monthly. BONUS- the first month is free!


So what is Chalk Paste? It’s not paint so it can be removed. However, you can also seal with an acrylic to make the paste permanent.

chalk paste

If you would like more information on Chalk Couture or my business contact me at

Want to join this ground floor opportunity? I want to be a designer!